Friday, January 25, 2013

Secret of Losing Belly Fat

No matter how well you maintain your body, a big fat bulging tummy can ruin your look. Even slim people have been seen acquiring a big belly. This could be possibly the result of a tremendous result of weight loss or improper eating habits. People who opt for various weight loss programs get the result in the form of a manageable weight. But in only few cases, they result in the reduction of belly fat. This is because belly fat needs extra attention from the rest part of the body fat i.e. hips, thigh or biceps. Most of the fats from the foods get accumulated directly in our waist making it look bigger. 

Unless you do not burn them, they will not get melted. The only way of getting a flat waistline is to devote time in having severe belly exercises and of course a good diet. Experts have traced the dangers of having a big belly. It could result in some serious diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and heart failure. In order to avoid such adverse situation and lead a healthy life, it is very important to know the secrets of belly fat reduction. The following tips will help you to do so. Before you plan your way to achieve the target, let us give you some basic knowledge about the fats and how they affect you in several ways. 

Concept of Fat 

Basically, the fat from our foods gets stored in two locations of our body. The first location is the visible location which you can see through your eyes. Such locations are hips, thighs and waist. The fats stored at these locations are called subcutaneous fat. The second location, on the other hand, is not visible. It is inside your body such as lungs, heart, liver and digestive tract. These are called visceral fats. Among the two, the second fat category is most dangerous. So, we have to target that. Most of the exercises target only the visible fat. So, based on that we are giving you some important tips to lose these hidden belly fats. 

Selection of Exercise 

Exercise is a crucial element for getting a fit body. It is also very important to choose right kind of exercise to burn not only the visible but also the hidden fats of our body. To burn the belly fat, good forms of high intensity exercises are considered to be the best for the belly fat. These include, high intensity cardios, slow intensity cardios, ball training and circuit training exercises. Experts have marked these exercises as the best belly fat reducing exercises. These exercises need expert's help and guidance and also, before starting them, you first have to perform a warm up session. These basic rules will help you to do these exercises perfectly. 

Selection of Food  
People often commit big mistake while coupling any form of good exercises with good foods. They generally make wrong combination for which they have to pay further in the near future in the form of weight gain, immediately after quiting the fitness program. For instance, you must couple high intensity exercises as mentioned in the above point with some good foods and drinks such as green tea, protein shakes, fiber rich foods, etc. The timing of consuming any specific food is also very important. Green tea helps in burning the fats stored in the lower abdomen area. By consuming one cup of green tea daily, you will not only target the visible fat of the body but also the invisible and most dangerous fats of the body. 

So, by taking care of these two important points, you will be able to burn both the types of belly fats. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tips on How to Get Six Pack Abs

To develop six pack abs, men need to take great efforts, as it involves great deal of exercising to maintain physical fitness and for the strength training. For that, they can either join a gym, hire a personal trainer or can do a well-monitored workout at home. However, that is not sufficient. Along with exercising, men need to work on their diet and it is the nutritional quotient that makes the body strong from within. Therefore, it would be better, if keen and enthusiast men looking forward to six pack abs pay adequate consideration towards a balanced diet and a structured workout equally.

Tips to Get Six Pack Abs 

Well balanced meals – To get lean abdominal muscles, proper eating is important. Awareness about the basics of balanced eating helps to develop strong body muscles. For example, a balanced intake of nutrients such as: Proteins and healthy carbohydrates. To have abundant measures of these nutrients, men can include foods like fish, eggs without yolk, chicken, cow's milk, green leafy vegetables, brown rice, oatmeals, protein bars, and protein rich drinks in balanced measures.

Cardio on Regular basis – Most of the men do possess great abs but they are not visible because of the excess flab on the mid-section region. By working on the excess fat over the abdominal region, the abs can be made visible. For that, doing mere crunches, weight training or simple sit-ups-push ups doesn't prove that much effective. One need to do cardio so that one can get rid of the substantial body weight easily. It must be known that weight training helps to develop strong muscles while cardio helps to burn the excess fat. This way, by performing cardio regularly, a strong and well-built body can be developed having great-looking abs. A 30 minute cardio for three days in a week helps to lose fats and to develop strong abs. There is no need to work on the abs on daily basis as they need time to recuperate and have proper growth.

Apart from the above given tips, doing inclined bench sit ups, leg raises, adding weight to the ankles, resistance exercises using dumbbells, cable crunches, side bendings, etc., too proves helpful to develop strong abdominal muscles. Men can also train their ab muscles with various type of abdominal exercises such as aerobics. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

6 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast

The body fat can be camouflage with certain outfit, however, belly fat cannot. The fat around belly is the most difficult area to hide within your clothes. A number of medicines and creams promise to reduce belly fat. However, these medicines, to a large extent, has proved to be useless and ineffective. Rather they make a whole in your pocket. Curious to know how to burn belly fat in an effective and quick way? Stay with us and read more to find that. Given below are some simple tips on the reduction of belly fat
  • Eating healthy food such as wheat bran, fiber, fresh fruits, green vegetables etc., contribute a lot towards losing belly fat by increasing the metabolism rate of the body. 

  • Practicing crunches at night before going to sleep is also effective. This will help to burn the fat in your belly to a large extent. Along with it, try to take the stares instead of elevators. This also has profound effect on the burning of the belly fat. 

  • Cutting on sweets and sugary stuffs is another good habit of preparing yourself for a fit and slim physique. Instead of sugar, try to add sugar substitute in your diet. It will not only give you the sweet taste you desire, but will also save you from calories and fats storage in your body. 

  • Consumption of Vitamin C is very important if you are planning to burn some belly fat. It is an important compound required by human body to utilize fats as fuel. 

  • Consuming healthy fats are another good way to get back in shape. The good and healthy fats keeps you feel full throughout the day, and therefore you do not feel the urge to refill more.

  • By practicing yoga regularly, you can trim the fat of your tummy, and at the same time get yourself free from diseases. 
The above 6 ways to burn belly fat fast is very effective if you regularly follow them. Therefore, you will be able to trim you tummy to a large extent without any side effects. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Festive Season Weight Loss Tips

Set Your Goal: How much weight do you need to lose. Firstly setting a goal  may help you a lot in meeting your target weight loss this Christmas. 

Running up stairs: Do you know how much calories you burn during running up stairs? Calories Burned: 807 calories per hour. This workout is great for your lower body, it's very effective for thighs and hips. Running up and down stairs is a natural body workout. This exercise helps you to boosts power and burn calories.  

Jumping jacks: Jumping jacks is easy way to lose extra weight without any equipment. The jumping jack is a classic exercise, which help you to burn 200-300 calories in 10-20 minute session. Jumping jack is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. 

Running with your dog: Running is a great way to get a cardio workout. Running with your dog is great fitness ideas. Running improved stamina and burn lots of calories. Running will improve your heart health and increase metabolism.

Green vegetable: You can add green vegetable food in your daily diet. Green leafy vegetables have less calorie and lots of nutrients and minerals.

Protein and Fiber: Your diet must be rich in protein and fiber. They help to make you feel fuller for longer and give you more energy.

Healthy fat: Healthy fat is part of healthy diet plan. Healthy fat foods like almond, olive oil, Omega-3 fatty acid and avocados.

Rest plays an important role in weight management. Sleep is a physical and mental resting state, you need to sleep eight hours a night.

Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight, never lose your patience. Always remember your reasons, why you want to lose weight.

You can find more healthy weight loss ideas at:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Best Diet for Fast Weight Loss

When talking about weight gain, diet play an important role. What you eat is what you look like. Eating greasy and fatty food will make you look like the same. If you want to be healthy, you will have to eat foods that are low in calories and fats. Calories are the real culprits that cause weight gain. Your body needs a certain amount of calories so that it can carry out its functions. This minimum amount of calories that you require is called the basal metabolic rate of your body. Any extra calories other than this required amount that you intake through your diet is just useless for your body and is converted into fat. These fats are deposited at various parts of your body causing weight gain and obesity. So, it is important to follow a proper healthy diet if you want to remain healthy.

You may get many diet plans that claim to lose weight. However, you can make some slight changes in your diet plan so as to get healthy physique. Some of the changes that you need to make in order to have a healthy toned body are discussed below. White carbohydrates are not good for health. Avoid them from your diet. Bread, cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes, fried foods, etc, have white carbohydrates and therefore should be avoided. You can have these if you have gone through at least 20 minutes of strength training exercises within 2 hours of time.

Have the same few meals again and again. Whether the goal is building muscles or losing weight, most of the dieters have the same meal over an over again. Each of your meal should be consisting of the following three groups of food.

Proteins: chicken breast and thigh, egg white, pork, grass-fed organic beef,
Legumes: black beans, lentils, pinto beans
Vegetables: asparagus, spinach, peas, mixed vegetables

Eat the above foods as much as you want. Just make sure to pick two or three meals and then have the same meal many times. Have salads or vegetables instead of French fries and potatoes. Get ideas about best diet for fast weight loss.

Monday, September 24, 2012

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day

How many calories should I eat a day? is a very important question for who wants to lose weight. If you know how many calories is needed to lose weight and maintain your weight then you can easily lose your weight. How you calculate your BMR means basal metabolic rate (BMR is closely related to the amount of energy expended daily by humans and other body). BMR calculator helps you to know how many calories your body need every day depending on your workout level.

BMR is different for both Men and Women. The following shows you how to calculate BMR:

BMR for Men (Metric)
66+(13.75*body weight)+(5*Height)-(6.8*Age)= BMR

Example BMR calculation for a man who weighs 170lbs (77kg), is 5'7" (170cm) and is 35 years old:
66 + (13.75*77) + (5*170) - (6.8*35) =
66 + (1058.75) + (850) - (238) = 1,737 Calories (BMR)

BMR for Women (Metric)
The variables used to calculate the RMR for women is different and is as follows:
655+(9.6*Weight)+(1.8*Height)-(4.7*Age)= BMR

Example BMR calculation for a woman who weighs 150lbs (68kg), is 5'5" (165cm) and is 35 years old:
655 + (9.6*68) + (1.8*165) - (4.7*35) =
655 + (652.8) + (297) - (164.5) = 1,440 Calories (BMR)

Correct Calories intake is more important for our life. If you take extra calories then its converted into fat. Exercise will help you to more to burn calories and keep you healthy. Know about how many calorie Needs for men and women view this chart.

Monday, September 17, 2012

How Many Calories You Need to Lose Weight

Getting back in shape and maintaining the same can be a challenge for many people. Those who are looking for easy ways to lose those unnecessary fats opt for diet pills, protein shakes, or some other supplements that are available in the market today. However, the best thing that you can do is control your calorie intake and perform a regular workout to stay in shape. Certainly, it's quite difficult to maintain a strict weight loss program in the busy schedule but you can look for the healthy alternatives for the things that make you look fat. If you are thinking about how many calories you need to lose weight, then gender is also a factor to be considered.

For both men and women, the need of calories that are required by the body can vary. For a woman, the calorie level should not drop than 1200 and for men not more than 1800 calories per day.

If you are a man, you might need more calories and burn few as they can be utilized for muscle strengthening. However, for women, maintaining the calories can be a big challenge. A person needs to burn everyday at least 1500 calories more than he/she consumes to stay fit. For this you can start slowly by reducing 500 calories each day. 

To maintain the calorie intake, you need to drink lots of water, include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meal plan and perform muscle strengthening and resistance improving exercises. Calorie calculator can be one great way to know how many calories you need to lose weight. All you need to do is mention necessary information in it and you will get the results in a fraction of seconds. For a healthy start, you need to lose calories at least by 15-20% below your calorie maintenance. Depending on your weight loss goals you can increase it. 


Friday, August 31, 2012

Belly Fat Cream that helps to Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat cream help to reduce excessive fat and give you a flat tummy.  Fat burning creams make claims to burn fat off your body with no effort. These creams and lotions will not permanently remove fat.

Fat creams may give you some results; however, if you depend on them too much and disregard the importance of dieting, you may end up gaining weight again after some time. Yes, the temporary loss of weight is a common thing with these products and people too do not bother to think about long-term efforts. In this instant world, everyone wants instant results. Fat creams may serve your purpose for a while, but eventually the long term effect will not take place. There cannot be any option or an alternative for dieting and physical activity. The soon you understand this, the better would be your planning.

You can use creams and other weight loss products as long as you are on a low-fat, low-calorie diet and exercising regularly. Cardio exercises are the most effective ones as they help you lose overall weight. As spot weight reduction is not possible, you need to focus on cardio exercises. Stress is slowly getting itself in the top 3 reasons of weight gain. For the urban crowd the stress levels are a big cause of worry. Make sure you manage your resources in a better way to remain tension-free.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diet Product for Weight Loss

How to lose weight quickly? How to lose weight without efforts? How to lose weight quickly and without efforts? Well, the questions may sound repetitive in nature but they are not. Losing weight quickly and without efforts can be achieved by both weight loss supplements and weight loss surgeries. Well, the option of surgeries is not open to everyone, so here is an option of supplements that is open to all except children.

Unlike surgeries, supplementary products are not that reliable. Many products are in fact fake or do not contain what they claim or are banned. If you get a hand on a supplement that does not fit into these categories, you are indeed a lucky person. Weight loss supplements can be of many types. There are those products that are made from ingredients that are hundred percent natural and organic, whereas there are products that make use of chemical ingredients in them. Many of the famous products, such as ephedrine products, hoodia, bitter orange, chitosan, etc., lack enough medical evidence.

Organic supplements like a green tea extract and coconut oil may be good for regular doses. Natural and herbal products may have less risks associated with them compared to other supplements. Although all these products are sold in the market over-the counter, not all of them are free from risks. The risk-benefit assessment becomes imperative in all cases. Every diet product must be assessed before buying. Your physician's advice may hold a great value in this assessment. One last thing if not the least that must be kept in mind is that every product is supplementary in nature and over-dependence on it cannot serve you at all; it must be supported by a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Diet Plan for weight loss and belly fat

What is there to say more about weight loss? Everyone knows that sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits have helped this demon of obesity grow bigger. As per the experts, dieting regulation can bring the necessary changes in the livelihood of people. Sedentary lifestyle can be tackled with getting engaged in more physical activities.

A weight loss diet plan that works takes most of the critical things into consideration. Calorie intake is the prime issue of any diet plan and all plans focus on limiting the intake of calories consumed on a daily basis. A normal person requires around 1000 calories per day. A diet plan should endure the calorie intake below this level. Saturated fat is also one of the most worried factors. Dairy products and meat are the greatest sources of this bad fat. You can include low-fat dairy and fat-less meat in your meals instead. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water everyday without a miss. Water cleanses the body and also helps you lose fat. If all these things are taken care of, the diet plan to lose belly fat would definitely work for you.

Most of the diet plans are very restrictive in nature. They tend to impose a lot of instructions on you. This does not serve you any good and only impairs your daily routine. The plans must be flexible and should incorporate many options. In general, eating food in less quantity and in regular intervals can help you maintain your metabolism rate at peak. Ultimately it helps you you shed those unnecessary fat reservoirs.

Along with these dieting restrictions, one needs to spend time doing physical activities as well. A regular exercise can help you burn the extra calories consistently. This tiny little exercise can be anything ranging from yoga to Pilate. You can try other fun activities, such as swimming, dancing, or playing to finish the daily exercising quota. Know more about exercises.