Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Does Stress Cause Belly Fat

It is not just lack of exercise that causes belly fat; stress is also an evident factor to grow fat around our belly. Stress being one of the biggest concerns of man kind at the present times is one of the reasons that produce fat, especially belly fat! Now, if you are wondering why does stress cause belly fat? Well, just have a look below to know the answer!

What ever we consume grows fat on our body. If we take stress, our body produces a hormone called cortisol that informs or crave our body to eat more. This over eating causes fat! Since belly is a body area where less physical exercise reacts and more cellulite accumulates so it grows fat. Since there are different types of belly fat found in different bodies, it requires exercise and diet accordingly. For instance, side belly fat requires more of side bend exercises and protein diet than the diet plan of front belly fat.

Today, since we have become very practical and competent in nature thus, we tend to take work stress, personal life stress and such various irrelevant tensions. So, what to do?

Stress Removing Workouts
Yoga: Yoga or any sort of meditation practice is the best solution to release stress out of your body. It not only relaxes mind but also, control our diet and rejuvenates our body to keep it active the day long. Yoga combined with a balanced diet and proper exercise can reduce belly fat at a great extent.
Breathing exercises: It let loose the tensions out of your body and let you in take fresh air of serenity and peace.

Asanas: Various asanas or positions preferred by experts help can help in removing stress.
Side bend: It can help removing belly fat and slimming down your waist line.
V exercise: It can help you get rid of front belly fat and reducing the effect of stress on your belly.

You must take stress seriously as they can cause adverse health issues such as heart problems, weight problems, High blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndromes, etc. Avoid consuming any food stuff that can do opposite effect on your attempts of reducing stress and belly fat. You must have got your answer for why stress causes belly fat!

So, try to be away from those reasons, stick to a balanced diet and regular exercise and lead a healthy and joyful life. 

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