Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Control Eating Habits

Eating habits are closely connected with emotion and when we talk about how to control eating habits, it is important to break-up the emotional eating concept overall. Those people, who find it difficult; to push themselves to exercise and indulge into binge eating habits may land up gaining extra and uncontrollable weight.
A lot of side-effects are associated with binge eating or any other ill eating habits and the most common ill-effects are belly fat, elevated cholesterol and lack of activeness in the body. So let’s get started to attain a healthy weight by controlling the eating habits by following these simple steps:

•  Concentration while you eat is vital as this may sound funny but our body does communicate with us to tell the instincts, and so does the stomach. While you are eating, if the food is going to upset you then, the stomach may resist it and you can understand it only if you are concentrating on your food.

•  Never have heavy meals at bed time; this is the worst eating habit. Make sure that you allow your stomach the time required to digest the food properly. Hence, before you lie down and make the body almost inactive, have a gap of 2 hours from the meals. Do not ever lie down immediately after having a meal regardless of it being heavy or light.

•    Understand your appetite and schedule your meals accordingly. Do not let meals be forced on you by your friends or family members and do not get carried away by the anxiety to have food with friends or any yummy food if you are not hungry.

Many people may be worried about the question how to control eating habits. It is never late, and if you have thought of it, you can certainly do it as you have already taken the first step. Start scheduling your meals and mark the things that upset your stomach so as to avoid it the next time it is offered or if it is an option for meals. Also avoid excessive caffeine products and alcohol to maintain a healthy weight.


  1. I definitely agree with your comment about not eating a big meal before bed. Whether it's heartburn, or extra weight I'm gaining, it's just not a good idea. I regret it any time that I do.
    Thanks for the reminder and the advice.

  2. Well, you really have a very informative post about how to control eating habit. Well, I tried so many diet programs but still doesn't work for me, I still eat too much with lots of carbs. Now that I found this information, I hope this could really help my problem..
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