Friday, January 25, 2013

Secret of Losing Belly Fat

No matter how well you maintain your body, a big fat bulging tummy can ruin your look. Even slim people have been seen acquiring a big belly. This could be possibly the result of a tremendous result of weight loss or improper eating habits. People who opt for various weight loss programs get the result in the form of a manageable weight. But in only few cases, they result in the reduction of belly fat. This is because belly fat needs extra attention from the rest part of the body fat i.e. hips, thigh or biceps. Most of the fats from the foods get accumulated directly in our waist making it look bigger. 

Unless you do not burn them, they will not get melted. The only way of getting a flat waistline is to devote time in having severe belly exercises and of course a good diet. Experts have traced the dangers of having a big belly. It could result in some serious diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and heart failure. In order to avoid such adverse situation and lead a healthy life, it is very important to know the secrets of belly fat reduction. The following tips will help you to do so. Before you plan your way to achieve the target, let us give you some basic knowledge about the fats and how they affect you in several ways. 

Concept of Fat 

Basically, the fat from our foods gets stored in two locations of our body. The first location is the visible location which you can see through your eyes. Such locations are hips, thighs and waist. The fats stored at these locations are called subcutaneous fat. The second location, on the other hand, is not visible. It is inside your body such as lungs, heart, liver and digestive tract. These are called visceral fats. Among the two, the second fat category is most dangerous. So, we have to target that. Most of the exercises target only the visible fat. So, based on that we are giving you some important tips to lose these hidden belly fats. 

Selection of Exercise 

Exercise is a crucial element for getting a fit body. It is also very important to choose right kind of exercise to burn not only the visible but also the hidden fats of our body. To burn the belly fat, good forms of high intensity exercises are considered to be the best for the belly fat. These include, high intensity cardios, slow intensity cardios, ball training and circuit training exercises. Experts have marked these exercises as the best belly fat reducing exercises. These exercises need expert's help and guidance and also, before starting them, you first have to perform a warm up session. These basic rules will help you to do these exercises perfectly. 

Selection of Food  
People often commit big mistake while coupling any form of good exercises with good foods. They generally make wrong combination for which they have to pay further in the near future in the form of weight gain, immediately after quiting the fitness program. For instance, you must couple high intensity exercises as mentioned in the above point with some good foods and drinks such as green tea, protein shakes, fiber rich foods, etc. The timing of consuming any specific food is also very important. Green tea helps in burning the fats stored in the lower abdomen area. By consuming one cup of green tea daily, you will not only target the visible fat of the body but also the invisible and most dangerous fats of the body. 

So, by taking care of these two important points, you will be able to burn both the types of belly fats. 

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