Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yoga For Belly Fat Reduction

Yoga exercises are known for toning up the body and dipping belly and body fat. Those who practice yoga daily would tell you that yoga exercises and postures could help in belly reduction and weight loss.

Yoga is an antique form of exercise which originated in India thousands of years ago. Practiced by sages, the regulation of yoga along with pranayama was known to keep the body and mind fit. Nowadays, yoga has become very popular with many studios and classes flourishing all across the world. Performing yoga to lose belly fat can be of great help, not only to the abdominal area but to the overall body. Here are some popular yoga positions for dipping belly fat:
  • Stretching: You could begin your yoga practice by working on the side stretches. Here, you must place your feet apart and stand straight with your arms at your side. Gradually, raise one arm as you bend your body to one side from your waist. Repeat this position with the other arm after you come back to the center.
  • Cat Pose: This pose is very useful as it tones and tightens the abdominal muscles. You need to be on your hands and knees for this position, putting them about a foot apart. Look forward and keep your back flat. Steadily, curve upwards, so that your back looks like a dome. After some time, bend downwards and lift up your face and look towards the ceiling. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat again.
  • Locust Pose: This is another useful yogasana for losing belly fat. Lie down on your stomach on the yoga mat with your arms and legs and extending outwards. At the same time, lift up your legs, chest, head and arms and hold this position for few seconds before lowering. This yoga position is great for your abs. 
Yoga for belly fat is very useful as it reduces your abdominal and whole body fat without any side effects.

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