Monday, June 27, 2011

Diseases Caused By Belly Fat

Carrying a surplus belly fat to the point of being obese is not new to Americans. The first concern of being obese is the self esteem of an individual which is affected and if this problem lingers for a long time, then the person could face more medical problems, some of which could really be life threatening.

Following are some of the diseases caused by belly fat, being obese:

Cancer: There are different types of cancer and their forms and by paying more attention towards your diet and avoiding obesity which results into belly fat, many of these cancers could be prevented. Cancer can be caused due to some of the foods we consume, particularly preserved meat which contains nitrosamines, a cancer causing agent. Chemicals which are carcinogenic are also produced by grilling meats.

Enlarged Heart: It’s another condition where the heart muscles become larger than normal as it’s overworked and happens due to extra fat in the abdominal area.

Diabetes: This is a disorder where less or sometimes no insulin is produced by the pancreas. There are various other medical issues relating to diabetes and belly fat or obesity is the leading cause for it, particularly in type 2 diabetes. Having surplus glucose in the body results into adult onset diabetes, which could be a result of overeating.

Blockage of an artery in the lungs or pulmonary embolism could be deadly, which is caused due to inactivity. Inactivity is reduced due to people being lazy because or overweight. This lack of activity further leads to embolism.

Fatty liver disease, where large blobs of fat accumulate in between liver cells is a reversible disease. It’s considered to be a single disease which occurs due to excessive intake of alcohol and people who have excess fat.

Belly fat and diseases are connected with each other as the whole body function is affected as the immune system weakens due to the accumulation of fat in the body which leads to the onset of various diseases.     

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