Monday, June 13, 2011

Stomach Bloating

Stomach bloating, also called abdominal distention is disturbing, uncomfortable and painful. Contrary to its name, the bloating, rather than in the stomach takes place in the small intestine. One of the most common causes of this problem is the production of higher production of gasses caused due to irregular digestive processes.
Food intolerance to things like fructose, dairy, gluten and yeast are the reasons for stomach bloating.

How Food Intolerance Leads to Stomach Bloating  

Digestion, which breaks down food into components from which the energy and nutrients are derived, is a series of chemical reactions. The remainder which is delivered further down the intestinal tract for removal is a waste. Some of those waste products are gases with no odor and the amounts are managed easily by the suppleness of the intestinal canal. That is, the small volumes of oxygen, methane and nitrogen pass along painlessly by not overly stretching the gut wall.

Known as flatulence, it’s experienced by all as a normal part of digestion. However, as with food intolerance, when different gases are produced the result could be often extremely painful, incapacitating and smelly at higher temperatures and pressures. Also called bloated stomach, the gut wall is stretched past its comfortable elastic limit by the large pockets of sulphur bearing gases and we feel pain and a blowing up expansion in the stomach.  

What is stomach bloating can be answered as the continuous experience of blowing up and feeling pain in the intestinal tracts of your abdomen. You possibly have food intolerance if you routinely experience this feeling.

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Food intolerance is not a rare phenomenon, as per the study. Several people don’t realize in spite of suffering from it. Stomach bloating is said to be a signal from your body, so don’t ignore it. Detection diet is the best and the quickest way to identify your food intolerance.


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